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Bridal Makeup Artist Dehradun

Your hunt for a perfect Makeup Artist in Dehradun ends here. home salon brings you a curated list of Makeup experts in Dehradun to help you look your best on your wedding day.

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Best Makeup Artist in Dehradun

Home Salon helps you find some of the best makeup artists in the Dehradun. To help you make your decision a little easier we have curated a list of pointers to keep in mind before finalising a makeup artist in dehradun.

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All About Bridal Makeup

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Dehradun

It is every girl’s dream to look like a princess on her wedding day. and adding makeup to the natural glow and happiness of being a bride can make this dream come true on special day. With the latest trends and innovations in both – wedding and salon service industries, various concepts have developed when it comes to bridal makeup. It can include krylon makeup, mac-HD makeup, airbrush makeup, bridal hairstyles and etc. The quintessential bridal makeup service has grown and diversified to become a wedding vertical in itself. We, at HomeSalon, are here to make your wedding day experience convenient and special. With our bridal makeup services in dehradun explore the best makeup artists in your city at the comfort of your home.

Hiring Best Bridal Makeup Artist

Are you trying to find the best bridal makeup artist in Dehradun? Home Salon has a list of best makeup artists for indian brides, who will give you options for wedding makeup, customise as per bridal package and advise you on the best bridal makeup styles that look great in photos. Whether you need an airbrush makeup artist in Dehradun or need makeup for your engagement, reception or special wedding day, or you need an airbrush makeup artist in Dehradun, or need makeup for your engagement, reception or wedding day, choose an artist or salon that can provide both hair and makeup services along with draping so that you can look your stunning best in wedding photos.

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How is HOME SALON better than regular salons?


Facial is the one of the best treatment for your skin, A facial is not just about nourishes the skin, it also does best for your skin! A facial done by a certified beautician, deep cleans and hydrates your skin as well as relieves acne prone skin. A good facial also controls oil and helps in unclogging the pores, giving you a healthy skin. At Home Salon, we use branded facial and clean up services at home in delhi, mumbai, dehradun and other cities.we use Loreal, VLCC, Sara O3+, Lotus facial and cleanup for salon at home.


Home Salon brings you affordable manicure and pedicure services at home, we provides best professional for you. Your hands help you hold your baby's head, your parents hands, and help you feel the worlds around you. So why not take enjoy of them? A manicure at Home Salon ensures you have the softest, most beautiful and good hands ever! you can sit back and enjoy classic manicure and nail paint services at best price. The classic Manicure is a herbal manicure that uses only organic and branded products. This manicure helps you de-stress yourself the tension from your nerves.


In the hassle of everyday life A pedicure is so much more than a cut and file for your nails. It releases the tension from your feet, relaxing stress from your body. At Home Salon, Home Salon specialise in 3 types of pedicure – Normal Pedicure, Classic Pedicure and Luxury Pedicure. The Normal Pedicure is best for tanned feet. It lighten tans in your feet and making your feet beautiful.

Hair Spa

Theres nothing more enjoying than a best hair spa treatment at home. At Home Salon, we pamper every strand of your hair thanks to the gifted, gentle hands of our hair care stylist. Hair spa is a healthy indulgence that best for your hair, stimulates your scalp and promotes hair growth and shining. A hair spa treatment is the best solution for dry, danddruf, frizzy hair. It also relaxes your head and relieves stress. Thats the best part about home salon hair spa!

Face Bleach

Face bleaching at home salon is effective yet gentle on your face. Face bleaching is the best way to remove de-tan quickly, while adding brightness to your face. home salon skincare professionals bleach your face using techniques that do not harm and damage the texture of your skin and face. A face bleaching done at Home Salon leaves you with skin thats Brightness, fresher and flawless!

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