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File Cut Polish   20 min ₹   149
Spa Crystal Manicure-Lotus   35 min ₹   499
Deluxe Manicure- VLCC   30 min ₹   299
Natures Fruit Manicure   30 min ₹   249

File Cut Polish   20 min ₹   149
Spa Crystal Pedicure-Lotus   45 min ₹   649
Deluxe Pedicure-VLCC   45 min ₹   399
Natures Fruit Pedicure   40 min ₹   349

Manicure & Pedicure Services in Dehradun, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh

Hands and feet are the least bothered things when it comes to daily skin care routine. Pamper them with our assortment of Manicures and Pedicures Services as they are the first ones to show signs of ageing. Get manicures or pedicures at Home Salon to keep them pretty, and to contribute towards their wellness. Hence, give a delightful experience to your hands and feet with us.