Opening Hours - 9 Am to 7 PM

Face Bleach Fruit   45 min ₹   150
Face Bleach Oxy   45 min ₹   200
Face Bleach gold   45 min ₹   250
Face bleach herbal   45 min ₹   450
Face Bleach Diamond   45 min ₹   300
Face Bleach Mango   45 min ₹   250
Face Bleach wella   45 min ₹   400

Skin Bleaching Services in Dehradun, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh

Bleaching Services At Home is done to lighten up the skin that has been affected by discolouration and pigmentation issues. Our Home Salon experts use quality bleaching cream to provide excellent results to the customers. Get in touch with us for face & neck, arms, legs, full front/ back, tummy (front and back), full body etc. We staff is well experienced, and can deliver the best results at affordable prices.